Jenny Yoder – Executive Coach, Team Facilitator, Enneagram Teacher, and Trinity Performance Group Co-founder

Jenny Yoder - Executive Coach, Enneagram Teacher, Team Facilitator, Trinity Performance Group Co-founder

Experience and Background

Jenny Yoder brings thirty plus years of expertise working in diverse roles from small-business ownership, distribution, sales, marketing, services and product management, operations, team facilitation, and change and transition employee communications consulting within high-tech organizations ranging from small business to Fortune 100 multinationals around the world. Her educational background in psychology and organizational management, combined with her ICF certification as a coach, supports a masterful approach to transformative leadership development.  Most recently, Jenny’s sixteen years at Intel Corporation included coaching hundreds of senior leaders and technical contributors around the globe, content creation and facilitation of team workshops for over 1500 individuals, and communications consulting with multiple general managers, their staffs and teams to increase employee engagement and enhance results.

Jenny’s coaching clients from around the globe include leaders, professionals, high-potential managers and teams facing ever-changing requirements, less resources and increased demands during times of change and cultural transformation, developing their ability to achieve high-value, sustainable results by expanding their skills in areas such as:

  • Change Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Developing/Coaching/Mentoring Others
  • Executive Presence
  • Influencing Others
  • Managing Up and Across
  • Relationship Building and Networking
  • Vision and Strategy

The process of coaching creates new possibilities by incorporating fresh perspectives and more powerful ways of showing up via direct and open conversations about how to become the person we each intend to be, awakening courage, integrity, and resolve, role-modeling compassionate resilience and inspiring excellence as a human being and leader.

As a certified Enneagram Teacher and experienced Team Facilitator, Jenny invites clients and teams to deepen awareness of their personal style, motivations and tendencies to enable personal growth so that their habitual self-image, their behaviors, and how they interact with others more closely aligns with their intent.

Certifications and Education

Contact Information

Phone: 602.725.6227

Email: [email protected]

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Testimonials for Jenny Yoder:

“Jenny has had a tremendous influence on my leadership style and peer interactions consequent to our coaching sessions last year. I learned the importance of working through an emotional reaction whenever conflicts and challenges arise by changing my thought process in ways that allow me to understand the other person’s perspective, have curiosity, and find commonality in goals and means of achieving them. I have found these skills to be very important in dealing with difficult situations and individuals inside and out of the work environment. Jenny’s coaching style is excellent—she is patient, she never judges, she always has a helpful, insightful and knowledgeable demeanor. She made me realize that dealing with people can indeed become a science (almost), as long as one understands different personality types, their strengths and how they degenerate under stress. Overall my experience with Jenny was very positive and I would highly, highly recommend her to other technical contributors.” – Fortune 100 Technical Leader

“I started individual coaching with Jenny and was truly challenged by the growth and internal reflection opportunities she helped facilitate. She helped me stretch and understand myself (and how others might perceive my actions) in a way no other program or coach has. Jenny also provided excellent tools for current and personal self-reflection as well as amazing strategies that have helped to transform the way I approach problems both professionally and personally. The experience was so beneficial that I recommended the coaching program for several others.” – Fortune 500 Manager, Sales and Marketing

“As with any coaching/learning engagement, initially I had some skepticism. However, in the very first meeting with Jenny I left the conversation knowing that I had found a coach who completely understood me and I could relate to. I can truly state that coaching has benefited me tremendously. I learned to look for early signs of stress/behaviors which were the root of the specific areas of developments. I learned to organize my behaviors as a leader to drive toward a mutually beneficial result for all parties involved—this is tied to situational leadership and relates to our engagement with teams and individuals. It also enabled me to see the other person’s point of view (irrespective of how distant it was from my own) by removing the filter with which I was previously viewing the world and making better use of my emotions. Applying what I received in coaching resulted in people coming up to me to commend me for being able to handle a tough situation in an objective manner. I handle greater responsibilities within the organization with broader scope relative to what I was managing prior.” – Fortune 100 Senior Leader