Do you wish people would just get along?

Do you and your team know how to have tough conversations?

Are top results critical to the success of your business or organization?

Let’s Talk…I equip leaders, professionals, and teams to generate better results. Professionals and organizations hire me to help them accomplish what matters most.

Executives and Technical Leaders want to fine-tune their performance and get more powerful results. Sales Professionals want to be sure to exceed their numbers. Success or failure for a business often depends on the results of a Team Project spanning multiple functions across an organization.

I’m a certified coach, team facilitator, and communications consultant with expertise in working with leaders and teams. I’ve held roles in small-business ownership, distribution, sales, marketing, services and product management, operations, team facilitation, and change and transition communications consulting within the high-tech industry. Most recently, my sixteen years at a Fortune 100 multinational corporation included coaching hundreds of senior leaders and technical contributors, content creation and facilitation of team workshops for over 1500 individuals, and communications consulting with multiple general managers, their staffs and teams around the globe to increase employee engagement and enhance results. See our Bios/ Testimonials page for more information. Reach me at 602.725.6227 or at [email protected].

1:1 Coaching

Executives, leaders, sales professionals, and managers benefit from personalized, confidential coaching. Sometimes we all get stuck and need a more useful perspective. Are you ready to commit to vastly better long-term results?

I offer individualized, 1:1 coaching programs designed to generate powerful, sustainable results around topics such as:

  • Readiness for advancement, role and organizational changes
  • Deepening leadership presence and positively influencing others
  • Increasing self-awareness, including values, strengths, and blind spots
  • Creating and sustaining healthy and mutually-rewarding relationships
  • Lessening interpersonal conflicts and addressing tough topics in skillful conversations
  • Remaining calm, centered and grounded under stressful circumstances
  • Improved work performance, life balance, and congruence
  • Cultivating the ability to live in the present moment with gratitude
  • Building a collaborative culture and inclusive sense of community where people contribute at their best

Email me at [email protected] or call me at 602.725.6227 to arrange for your free initial two-hour conversation, then review and choose a Coaching Program that works best for you.

Group or Intact Team Coaching: High-potential leaders love learning together. Pick themes such as Managing Conflict, Executive Presence, Communications Styles, or a topic that matters most to you. Reach me at 602.725.6227 or at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements and parameters.

Team or Staff Facilitation:

I design and facilitate customized offsite events. Highlights reported include: Strengthening trust; Full participation and listening; Deeper appreciation of each other and ways of responding; In-depth understanding of obstacles, threats, strengths, and opportunities for success; Clarity and commitment for relationships, possibilities, and action. Reach me at 602.725.6227 or at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements and parameters.


Need improved interpersonal communication skills? Improve skills for your leaders, managers and teams via a workshop! I offer Nine Paths to Success, Skillful Conversations, The Enneagram and Relationships, or I’m happy to customize a workshop for your organization. Reach me at 602.725.6227 or at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements and parameters, or register for a current event on our Upcoming Events page.

Nine Paths to Success: This fun, highly interactive session helps you:

  • Understand core ways of thinking, feeling, and acting
  • Build on strengths and recognize what gets in the way
  • Connect more easily with others who have different styles and motivations

Skillful Conversations: Learn how to frame robust conversations that:

  • Align your intent with what you say
  • Address the root sources of conflict; lessening misunderstandings
  • Increase your ability to listen and take in other perspectives
  • Evoke the best in yourself and others

Communications Consulting:

Leverage my change and transition communications consulting experience to improve your results via effective conversations and strategies that inspire and enable behavior change! Reach me at 602.725.6227 or at [email protected], and let’s discuss your specific requirements and parameters.