Karen Jacke – Executive Coach


Experience and Background

Karen Jacke brings to her clients the wisdom and learning of 30 plus years of experience as an executive, consultant, trainer and executive coach who develops leaders, products and brands. Her 12 years in strategy and brand management at Procter & Gamble served as a foundation for her career. After consulting at Apple, Intuit, Sun and Intel she worked for two venture-backed start-ups as an executive. Her consulting centers on three foundational elements of sustained success—strategic focus, organizational excellence and leadership development. At organizations ranging from Fortune 100 to Silicon Valley start-ups she is known for facilitating clearly articulated strategic purpose and direction, fostering effective executive teamwork and transforming managers into inspiring organizational leaders.

Karen coaches across a wide variety of disciplines from C-level executives to managers with specialized functional and technical backgrounds taking on greater leadership roles in their organizations. Leaders working with Karen laud her ability to help them acquire the social and emotional intelligence required for them both to translate their capabilities into influence and results, and to build the resilience to sustain their high performance in the midst of highly demanding lives.

Since Karen founded WorkSpark Consulting in 1991, she has served the semiconductor, internet services, gaming, biotech, green/clean tech, computer, household products, government and non-profit sectors. Her client list includes Fortune 1000 of Cisco, Gilead Sciences, Clorox, Intel, Apple, BabyCenter (J&J), Logitech, Intuit, KodakGallery, BD Biosciences; Entrepreneurs and start-ups of Untangle, SuccessFactors, Bigstep, PlayFirst, PayCycle, OpenTable, Cardinal Venture Capital, Sun Light & Power; and Public Benefit clients such as Arnold Foundation, Challenge Day, Washington Dental Services Foundation, and Junior Statesman.

Karen’s recent passions include neuroscience and the Enneagram. She’s found the recent advances in neuroscience provide leaders with credible, scientific evidence that inspires them to heed the calls to invest in building emotional healthy leaders and cultures. The powerful insights of the Enneagram function like a laser pinpointing exactly where to look for individual strengths as well as the emotional triggers that erode leadership presence, collaboration and trust. Karen’s seminal work in the EnneaGuide™ to leadership, coaching and parenting integrates these powerful insights with the methodology of Integral Coaching®.

Certifications and Education

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation and New Ventures West
  • Accredited Enneagram Teacher, International Enneagram Association (IEA) based on
    • Training with Enneagram in Business Network, Dr. Ginger Lapid-Bogda,
    • Enneagram Institute Training Levels 1-4 plus various advanced courses with Don Riso & Russ Hudson
    • Variety of courses with Uranio Paes and Bea Chestnut
  • Certified in various survey instruments including Denison’s Organizational Cultural Survey, CCL’s Benchmarks 360 Leadership Profile, Goleman’s 360 Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and Booth 360s
  • Accredited ToP® Facilitator, Institute for Cultural Affairs
  • Procter& Gamble (1979-1991); Trained directly by many thought leaders including Dr. Deming, Peter Senge, Stephen Covey, and Ned Hermann, plus numerous courses like Situational Leadership, Positive Power & Influence, and Managing Personal Growth
  • Washington University; Graduated first in class with MBA in Finance
  • Wellesley College; BA in education and psychology

Contact Information

Phone: 650-888-4932

Email: [email protected]

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenejacke

Website: http://www.WorkSpark.com/